"DISCOVER CITYLIFE" - Architectural Photography Contest

CityLife has launched on 1st of September an architectural photography contest open to professional and non-professional photographers organized by the Architect Ilaria Nava. CityLife is looking for a set of photographs of CityLife area capable of enabling the readability of its architectures, constructions sites and buildings, as well as the urban transformation and the social changes determined by the new spatiality. The contest is articulated into the following categories: "Architectures and Construction Sites" and "Living CityLife – social relations in the new neighbourhood". Each participant can choose one or both the  categories and shoot a maximum of one photograph for each category. The main objective of the contest is the participation of common people, students of architecture and photography, amateur and professional photographers to undertake a research focused on the new architectures and urban spatiality of CityLife area, expressing their personal point of view on the urban and social transformation determined by the new development.

The photograph awarded with the first prize of each categories will receive 750€ from CityLife. By this amount CityLife Spa which will acquire the property of the photographs. Moreover the awarded photographs will be displayed in CityLife common spaces. More details about the contest, other prizes and how to participate are available on www.discovercitylife.it