Special episode "Costruire Milano: CityLife" on air on the 25th November 2015

The special episode Costruire Milano: CityLife, that highlights the singularity of CityLife, its story and the project through interviews and images of the construction site, will be on air on DMAX from November 25th. The opportunities of the design and construction of the project are described by the CityLife CEO Armando Borghi, the technical director Marco Beccati, the architect Andrea Maffei, the responsible for the building and urban permits Roberto Russo and by the archistar Daniel Libeskind, who, in addition to the residences, also signed one of the three towers. The premiere of Costruire Milano: CityLife  will be on air on Wednesday, November 25th at 10 p.m. on DMAX (Sky Channel 136 and 137, DDT Channel 52) and on Focus (Sky Channel 418 and DDT Channel 56), on Friday, December 4th  at 8:50 p.m.