The 2016 edition of the Mostra Mercato Orticola di Lombardia has been inaugurated on May 5th. Also in 2016, CityLife renews its partnership with the Association: for the second consecutive year the area will be enriched with the “Orto Fiorito”, a large green area of 3000 square meters, which, compared to 2015, has been completely renovated.

The collaboration with Orticola is based on the project designed by the landscape architect Filippo Pizzoni with Susanna Magistretti from Cascina Bollate on behalf of the Association Orticola di Lombardia.

The new flower garden provides a variety of over 50 different species of vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs, which will form large flower beds within which horticultural crops and ornamental plantings alternate. Long colored stripes with artichokes and echinacea, garlic and dahlias, zinnias and tomatoes, beets, strawberries, mint, sunflowers, in a kaleidoscope of scents and colors. The flower garden of CityLife, which will grow following the rhythms of the seasons, counts also beds salad, a garden with aromatic herbs, but also long rows of vineyards, a pergola with climbing pumpkins, a cultivation of unusual plants and beautiful as the Jerusalem artichoke, the castor-oil plant, the cardoon or the liquorice. But also strawberries, onions, parsley and of course many flowers, until the autumn, when the cabbages will announce the arrival of winter.

During the exhibition Mostra mercato Orticola di Lombardia, CityLife was present with a stand showing the “Orto Fiorito” project, thanks to a lovely miniature reproduction.

The flower will be also a meeting place. In fact, on the occasion of Green City, over the weekend of 14th and 15th May, two workshops for families and children will be organized in collaboration with Orticola. The first, dedicated to children and families, entitled Thank you for the Garden, is scheduled on Saturday, May 14th at 15:30 and is thought to learn to be in harmony with the garden life and its products. In the second workshop, scheduled on Sunday 15th at 11.00, grandparents and parents will learn how to compose and to tell the little ones Fabulous true stories inspired by nature. The workshops - entrance on reservation by writing to [email protected] - will be supervised by Anna Cassarino, author of books and an expert in ecology and nature.